7 Tips to Increase Conversion From Facebook Ads!

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Out of every 3 posts, you find an ad that jumps in your face on social media, especially Facebook, that might suit your interests, or something you’ve already searched for, and might not suit you in the first place! In all these three options, there are different advertising methods behind which people run advertising campaigns. Either their management is wonderful and successful, or it is a waste of time, money and effort. How can we make the most of Facebook ads?

In this article, I will show you a variety of tips that will help you increase the number of scholars who move from advertising your services and products directly, whether through e-commerce or face-to-face business, so what are they?
First, target the right customers!
A lot of people think that completely and randomly targeting people can build them an idea about your business that may interest them and may not pay attention to it, it might be logical to talk here to build your brand name in front of people, because they may need you one day but be careful!
You can do random targeting once from time to time, such as placing some very special offers and services to ensure that your name is repeated in front of the public.
Always be on the lookout for your customers’ information and data so that you can target the category closest to what you are offering, which will make the conversion rate of your advertisements and services very high!

Second: Don’t be satisfied with just one platform!
Whatch out! Ads across one platform may not help you reach the best customers for you, and now thanks to the interconnection between the different platforms you can advertise on the Facebook and Instagram platforms together, and I must tell you, that the Instagram platform is based on the image, which makes it more impactful and better attractive!

Third: The hashtag is a deadly poison for your advertisement!
We never and never prefer that you put hashtags on your commercial ad because it will greatly reduce the rates of access according to the advertising algorithms and social networking sites in general, but it may be useful via Twitter because of the different way of working through it.

Fourth: Pay close attention to the times of publication
Do not be random, be organized and smart, and be sure to be present at the times when your customers are present, and you can find out by reviewing the statistics in your social media accounts, you cannot start the advertising campaign at three in the morning for example! But it is better and more likely to start it in the evening.

Fifth: Ads Statistics “Insights”
Insights help you access accurate information about your advertising campaigns by knowing their different accurate results, and get detailed information about your customers of age, gender, education level or occupation

Sixth: Be creative with your ads!
You can’t just advertise with text, it seems boring and unattractive! Rather, you should place different and distinct elements of attraction, whether still and moving images, videos, and others.

Seventh: CTA buttons
Buttons help you get better results by taking quick actions and decisions by customers who receive your ads, whether by “register now, order now, send a message, visit the website” and others.

Funded ads in general cannot be random and unorganized, but rather they must go above a certain marketing strategy that you follow in your business. Are you looking for a specialist to manage your advertising campaigns in a professional and integrated manner?
Contact us, we are ready for the task!

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