A radical change in brands and the reason is CORONA virus!

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The brand expresses the visual identity of every company people know about, which is not easily changed but takes several years to change, but humanitarian events have forced international companies to change the logo to convey a message of the importance of staying home in order to save lives from the deadly CORONA virus infection.
Is changing brands a prelude to a new reality
Due to emerging global events that have cast a shadow over all walks of life and imposed new laws on human life, large companies and institutions around the world are trying to identify with the conditions imposed by Virus Corona, which have changed their brand logo in order to comply with WHO instructions, which provide for social divergence and emphasize the importance of staying at home so that infection does not spread among individuals.
In an earlier article, we had talked about the development of brands over the years and the simple modifications to them so that change was not noticeable, but the message from global companies found it necessary to take this step so that the amendment would be clear and expressive.

Rebranding isn’t enough.
There were many views on the move, with some believing that rebranding could be positive and negative; most companies had only changed the logo, not providing effective service to those affected or contributing to hospitals appealing for assistance such as medical muzzles and ventilators.

In a humanitarian gesture from beauty companies, they have shifted their production lines to manufacture hand sanitizers and supply pharmacies and hospitals to make up for the severe shortage of these substances with the insane rise in the number of cases infected in Europe, while some have donated to non-profit organizations that help vulnerable groups to face viruses.
L’Oréal, LaRoche Bouzier and Za Badi Shop are among the most prominent brands that have contributed effectively to confronting the virus.

Some believe that changing the brand’s logo urges people to stay at home and sends a message to individuals from around the world that staying at home and complying with WHO instructions is the first step to fighting and eliminating viruses in order to return to life.

A simple change of brand
Arab channels such as MBC changed their logo by drawing the shape of the house over the logo in reference to the need to stay at home, while the Lebanese channel LBC wrote each letter in a box, in order to promote the principle of social divergence to fight the virus.

The McDonald’s international restaurant chain has closed its branches and only delivered food to homes, recommending that its followers on its online platforms on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram should stay at home, while changing its famous brand so that it removed the golden arches that reached the mother’s letter of her logo.
Famous brands that have changed their logo by spacing letters include Puma, Windows, Adidas, Audi and Volkswagen.
Total brand change
Mercadoa Labra e-commerce company changed the peace logo by hand and replaced it with a new slogan urging peace with the two facilities, a strong reference to the importance of not being peaceful by hand and being content with peace remotely or with a hand attachment so that the infection between people does not spread through peace.

Coca-Cola chose the busiest area of Time Square to deliver its message to the population at the risk of virus, with its logo with the words “Staying separately is the best way to stay in touch.”

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