Electronic inheritance … A new term in the digital world!!

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Yes, we are coming up with new terms in the digital world that affect and influence our social life, as huge digital development continues, and funds are pumped into purely electronic projects, there are new questions that researchers in this field are asking, all of which revolve around the words “What next?”
Let’s travel 30 years forward.
Wake up from your sleep and find an email from the court, telling you that you are the sole heir to an online store group! Or you’re the rightful heir to the accounts of a celebrity in the world of social media via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and so on, and you’re probably not the only heir and you’ll produce family problems about this digital legacy!
Let’s go back in time to 2020.
Now we live in a different digital life, our digital life is our online activity through our digital accounts, our blogs and the applications we create to serve our intellectual or business goals that, with all this digital development, will become the primary sources of income on which to build our lives.
Looking at our current ideas, we will find that they are evolving according to the tremendous digital development and that many entrepreneurs consider not framing their businesses within a particular geographical environment, e-commerce, for example, puts all different and diverse options in a wide sea of imagination for new investors.
Yes, don’t be surprised by the ideas and terminology that we are talking about, they will all become something that everyone will circulate in their daily lives over the next few decades, and we are trying to prepare for these new ideas, and to find solutions to potential problems.
So and so he inherits, so and so does not inherit
Here we put space for discussion with your dear readers, do you think that legal legislation will be developed to include among its figures a detailed law on digital inheritance or (electronic inheritance), will global companies controlling the digital world recognize heirs? And how’s that going to happen? Who will be deprived of inheritance in accordance with electronic legislation that has special policies for users? Will these companies or platforms change their policies to benefit from celebrity accounts after their death? What about e-stores, and how will heirs be treated?

We don’t know the answers, but we’re trying to list some of the questions that he’s solved that may be the focus of a major debate in the digital world we live in, but we’re sure that new jobs will emerge in the digital and legal fields, and we think there’s going to be a digital lawyer and his case may be digital, and a digital judge who specializes in broadcasting digital inheritance cases will appear as well.
You, do you think you’re going to inherit your accounts or digital stores (after a long life hopefully)? If you have digital accounts that are inherited, listen carefully to this sentence: “Now you just have to think about developing your business at this moment.”

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