Email Marketing Mistakes!!

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Email is one of the oldest advertising tools that do not need a high cost, but you need to have a large list of customers that you will communicate with, you cannot send any message without having a sufficient information base, and despite the popularity of this tool and its great use, especially between business offers What is between a company and a company, more than a company and people, but it is of great benefit, but many people make mistakes that they do not realize early on in the email marketing process, so what are they?

First, let’s talk about the benefits of email marketing
• Unlimited Space
• Low cost
• Accurate targeting
• Uniform dispatch process
• Get accurate stats through various tools
• Accelerate the sales process
• Retargeting old customers

What are the mistakes of email marketing?
• Marketing from one-way email!
In your email, you will always find a message with the word “no-reply”, which is a message indicating that the marketing email that the company purchased is a one-way email, as the future customer cannot contact you again, and this is not in your favor as the goal of the marketing advertisement It is the original communication with customers!

• Never buy information!
Many people fall into the trap of information bases offered for sale, not knowing what customers’ interests and preferences are, what their marketing behavior is like, and from the start, customer data from other parties was not sold?!

• Do not write misleading addresses!
Be clear in your email marketing message and don’t be misleading, be honest and present yourself clearly and state what you want to say in an orderly manner in clear points, it is important to make a good impression about you!

• Do not post suspicious links
Putting links in the e-mail, especially those that directly request information, will notify the customer of inconvenience and security, and thus ignore your message and put it in the spam box or not interact with any future messages from you.

• Make the content diverse!
Don’t just send an image, not just text, not just a video, you have to have a fully integrated marketing message to ensure you have all the different attractions in one marketing message.

• Be clear and keep your message short
No one reads long messages, and no one prefers them, be clear and brief and say what you want very simply, excessive marketing content loses the customer the original idea.

• Do not ask for information directly!
Don’t be hasty and don’t ask for any private information about your customers, even if it’s public, let them decide whether or not to accept your marketing message.

• Don’t send too many messages!
Sending a lot of messages about your business makes it annoying which leads to your messages being categorized by customers as junk content.

The world of marketing is a very large world, but it needs all kinds of prior study, setting goals and expected results, in addition to having a list and base of customer information closest to what the business offers to ensure that the targeting processes are accurate and fruitful. Do you want to market your business via e-mail through a specialized team ?
we are ready! Connect with us!

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