How can your account be effective and successful on Instagram?!

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Building a successful Instagram account has become a key element in the list of things most people want to achieve. With the emergence of the term “social network influencers,” everyone is looking for ways to increase instagram followers. Indeed, many of them have succeeded in attracting a wide audience to follow them and follow the content they are preparing.
Many people, on the other hand, despite their strong desire to have an Instagram account with a huge number of followers to be able to review their knowledge and abilities, have not been able to cross the 100-follower barrier. They are mostly friends, family members, and some bot-based accounts to interact with users like him, which will often be unelected once he has returned the follow-up.
Building an Instagram account with a wide follower base requires more than creating an account. Collecting followers requires you to do a range of tasks, and to adhere to some rules that will actually make your account in the eyes of your target follower a worthy account to follow.

These are four ways to experiment, and by following them you will be able to build an Instagram account with a large number of followers without having to spend money in ads.

Account improvement:
If you have an Instagram account ready, it will probably be an account that needs to be improved. Improvement here means completing the account setting and adding all the required information. This will make it easier to find your account, especially if you are a well-known brand or personality, and a lot of people will search for your account.
Here are some suggestions that will improve your account:

Create an account image with appropriate quality and by specific standards
The username should be similar to the account name and be easy to remember
You should add a brief description explaining the purpose of the account
It is advisable to transfer the account from personal to commercial or to creator account
Install some stories in the account (Story Highlights)

Continuous deployment:
Many people lose hope after publishing for a week and find no interaction with their publications. In fact, you just have to keep publishing without being affected by the decline or lack of interaction. Publishing must be continuous, regular, and normal, for example, post one image every day.
Many people also publish continuous but irregularly. Post 10 photos in one day and then stop posting for a week! Then come back strong again… This is wrong to avoid as the Instagram platform system is built in such a way that accounts that create good content are shown and posted on a regular basis. After all, Instagram won’t show your account to more people just because you think you’re influential in your field! It will show it because you produce content that helps keep users inside the platform.

Interact with influencers in your field:
You need to look for, and identify all the people who have a big impact in the area you intend to become influential in. Then follow their accounts and interact with them with likes and comments.
This will help you build relationships with other influencers, and they’ll definitely notice your account and may follow you. This will make your account more reliable and help spread it.

Organizing competitions:
Many account holders, especially those with a good number of followers, rely on competitions to increase the number of followers. Competitions here are in the form of a publication in which the account holder asks his followers to like the publication, and to refer to two or more friends in a comment. He will randomly choose the winner between comments… You won’t believe the amount of interaction we find on these publications and the results they achieve, as you’ve seen accounts that get thousands of new followers in just one day by organizing a competition like this.

Such competitions do not require expensive gifts or rewards, but sometimes they are only symbolic things at a simple price. For example, if you’re a fitness influencer, the gift can be in the form of a tracksuit, for example, or some kind of supplement… Or anything else that has to do with your field of specialization.

The ways I mentioned in this article, although they seem ineffective, are also experienceable. The secret is just patience, so don’t expect to reach 100,000 followers by following these methods for a month because that’s almost impossible. But on the whole when you follow it, and continue to do so for a long time you will notice the results are achieved. It always reminds you that zooming in on accounts without paying money in ads, especially at the beginning (less than 10,000 followers), needs patience and a lot of time, but it’s certainly possible.

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