Marketing secrets via YouTube

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8 out of 10 Internet users watch YouTube videos as the world’s second largest online search engine.
YouTube is an essential tool for e-marketing, with 45% of marketers intending to add YouTube marketing to their marketing plans, because YouTube allows you to promote your brand in a visually attractive and eye-catching way that meets the need for your audience and followers to learn, enjoy and connect with your brand.
In this article, we’ll offer you a range of ways to create google-compatible ad content and also to double the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel.
1- Make your video titles attractive and compelling:
Video with high shooting technology, the quality of its content is not enough, the most important thing is to improve and create new and distinctive titles for your videos.
So you should be interested in writing video information correctly, so that the YouTube search engine can index it correctly and appear in search results when people are looking for video-related topics.
And we give you some tips to create perfect and attractive titles for your videos to achieve the greatest access for viewers

  • Make your video titles short so that the viewer can read them quickly, smoothly and easily, so look for short and descriptive phrases that deal with the same topic.
    *Use the right keywords because they are the key to the top of the search process.

2_ Choose the thumbnail accurately because it plays the main and essential role to attract the viewer and this image must be related to the content and title of the video it helps viewers of your channel to understand the subject of your video and make your YouTube channel more distinctive, so use high quality images and add your address to the image in order to attract the largest number of subscribers and always try to use your photos in a consistent look and maintain this style and use emotion by inserting emojis and expressive faces.

3- Always make sure that your videos do not exceed 5 minutes so that the viewer is not bored and make sure that your videos are comprehensive and informative.

4- Make your YouTube channel a brand so that your channel becomes more stimulating and attractive and to get close to your followers and to increase their awareness of your brand by using your own company logo on your channel and you can add links to your website and social media in the description box, as well as if you are talking about a particular product in your videos you can use a descriptive sentence explaining where to get the product and buy it, and make sure you add to your channel or company In the channel’s profile to get followers to know more about your channel and know what your interest is.

5_ Post your videos on social media platforms:
If you are seeking to be a professional content marketer and are working to increase the growth of your channel, make sure that you post your videos on social media and be active in forums by creating mini-promotional videos and posting them on your Facebook page, for example, and linking them back to your original videos via YouTube.

6_ Add your channel link to your Bayou Instagram account:
To increase your channel’s views and get as many followers as possible.

7- Be sure to work with other YouTubers: because collaborating with social media influencers carries with you a lot of advantages and helps you to establish a strong and strong relationship with brands and increase your audience significantly, which benefits you, your partner and your target audience.

At the end of this article, we always remind you to be careful about experiences and try to discover the best that suits you and make sure your brand is true, because it will help you keep your profile picture in the eyes of your audience and keep creating great and interesting content.

Thank you all for the good viewing.

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