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Because of the spread of smart devices around the world, mobile applications have become very important and are used by a significant number of people, and mobile applications have become one of the fastest and most secure ways to communicate with customers or users of your services. 6.1 billion smartphone users around the world in 2020, and this study showed that 60% of users consider smartphones a communication device, 23% consider the mobile as an essential part, 8% use it for social communication, and 9% use it as an entertainment tool that is not Except.
With all these percentages, smart device holders use applications that suit their daily uses.

There are many types of applications in the world to include:

  1. Educational applications
  2. Commercial applications
  3. Social media applications
  4. Game apps
  5. Chat apps
  6. Photo editing and video editing apps
  7. Health applications
  8. Delivery apps
  9. Job applications
  10. Reading apps and books
    Therefore, at MiskNet, we offer you the best design and programming company for mobile applications, a professional and attractive design, at competitive prices, high expertise and continuous technical support, but let us remind you first:

Advantages of creating mobile applications from MiskNet:
• Ease of communication with existing customers and sending the latest weekly or monthly offers, because of course every individual does not dispense with his mobile phone and therefore you can send offers and discounts.
• The possibility of gaining entry to new markets.
• Increase profitability and return on investment for your business.
• Ease of displaying products and receiving opinions.
• Increase interaction with brands.
• The ability to follow up on customer feedback and evaluations to improve performance.
• Strengthening and enhancing the reliability of brands.
• Ease of displaying products and receiving opinions.

There are several steps you need to follow to launch a successful application:
Steps to create a mobile app

  1. Understand your target audience:

Each category of users has different usage patterns, so before you start working on your application programmatically, you must first understand your target audience to know what features they want to get from the application, how they use it, what problem they face and how your application solves it How the app helps make their lives better and easier. It will be easy for you to know all this information when analyzing the information about the group you are targeting (age – gender – location – education level – income level – interests – hobbies – … and other information that makes you familiar with them.
HubSpot is a tool that helps you get to know your target audience more deeply with some questions to answer that you might not have thought before.
You have to make the use of your application easy as if the user is practicing his daily habit. You do not need to make him think a lot before doing any action because that will make the application stressful for him.

  1. Competitor analysis:
    Before creating your application, you should study the competitors (at least the 3 most powerful of them) in order to know the advantages of their applications and to answer the following questions:

1_ Why do users prefer these applications?
2_ What are their names?
3_ Is it suitable for the target audience or difficult for them?
4_ What are the flaws that users complain about and are you trying to avoid them in your application?
5_ How many downloads did their apps get?
6_ What are the keywords they depend on?
7_ What are the promotional plans for the application that they rely on?
8_ What is the competitive advantage of each application and can you provide better ones?
9_ What ratings and reviews have the applications received?
10_When was the last time the apps were updated and what was the reaction of the users then?

3- Ideas:

Ian Blair, co-founder of Build Fire and an app development fan tells us that every app starts with an idea, because there are countless different and groundbreaking ideas, because generating great ideas isn’t a gift given to a select few, it’s a process through which any of us can Explore carefully step-by-step methods to find his own solution to any problem, whether you are an experienced developer or a novice, great ideas are hovering around you just be attentive.
You can create a fairy idea, just believe in your ability to do it and prepare for a brainstorming session that will make ideas rain down on you, you may wonder again how to make sure that my idea is great and fit into an application? An excellent question that actually leads us to ask several other questions by answering them, we will discover the essence of the application that we are creating.

• What is the purpose of this application and what is the added value it provides?
• What distinguishes your application from competitors?
• What experience do you promise the user to have with your application?
After you answer these questions, move immediately to the stage of sharing and developing the idea with those with constructive and experienced opinions.


It is not enough just for your application to be of high quality and performance, and you must take into account in your application the design of the screens and the user experience of your application in all respects, as there are many applications that compete with global applications in performance and speed, but they have a very low rating and are not even known locally, due to the complex design And the difficulty of understanding the application, as the user does not have the patience or time to learn your application, the user wants a ready-made application that solves a problem for him or helps him with something or even as a means of entertainment for him, and this is what we specialize in MiskNet, the best mobile application design and programming company in Saudi Arabia to offer you The best performance experience for your applications.

4- Programming:

When designing mobile applications for your site or company, you must provide two copies of this application, one for the Android operating system and the other for the Apple operating system; In order for your application to be available to all types of users, without losing a particular segment due to different operating systems.

Types of mobile application programming:

  1. A native app:
    It is downloaded on the app store and also on Google play. This type of application works on phones with a kind of special programming for each application, which requires owning two applications to suit all types of phones, whether they are running an Android operating system or an iPhone operating system.
    The advantage of this type of mobile application is that it enables you to control all the features that you want to enter into the application, and you have the ability to control all the APIs of your application. The disadvantage of this application is that its maintenance costs and development and support costs are high. It also requires two programmers, each Some of them are running an application.
  2. Hybrid app:
    It is downloaded on the app store and also on Google play. It is made on a framework known as cross-platform and is suitable to work on both Android and iPhone. The disadvantage of this type of mobile application is that it gives you a limited number of powers in the APIs related to the features of your application, which It makes your ability to develop your app limited.
    This application is characterized by the fact that its costs are lower than the Native application, to a degree that may reach 35% or 50%, and it is also characterized by its ease of development because it is a single application that works on the Android and iPhone operating systems.
  3. Web app:
    This type of mobile application is specific to web pages, as it makes it suitable for mobile phones and makes it different from the design and shape of the main site.
    This application works with Web responsive pages, so that the application recognizes the type of the device. The main site is unchanged.

4_ Start promoting your app:
It is important that you promote your application even before it is finished programmatically, in order to give your customers an idea of ​​the application and start creating a group of target audience who are passionate about trying the new application, to facilitate the process of attracting the audience. Here are some steps and ways to start promoting your application:

• website:

With your website, you can start promoting your app by introducing your customers to [the importance of the app and how it helps them communicate with you better and make their lives easier.
Through your blog, you can also publish valuable content to your audience that is related to what your application offers by paying attention to the main keywords in the content that you will write in order to get the highest ranking in the search engines.
• Social media:

Your effective and strong presence on social media platforms helps you to promote your application professionally to be the closest to your customers and paralyze a strong interaction link between your application and your customers. Regularly, especially during peak times of your audience, also use hashtags that are strongly relevant to your application and industry.
Also, arouse curiosity and a sense of suspense in your customers by sharing short videos to make them interested in the launch date of the application, also be close to your customers and do not ignore any question that may be related to your application.

• E-mail:

Email is the most powerful means of promoting your customers about your application. You can communicate with your target audience by building a mailing list and sending them messages and informing them every period of the latest updates that your application has received and the date of its completion and launch.

• Your public relations:

Strengthen your social relationships with journalists, influencers and famous bloggers to take advantage of these relationships before announcing the launch and publishing of your application to help you and spread the idea of ​​your application and give a brief about your application to their audience and attract new customers and users.

• the video:

You can rely on videos to promote your products, by explaining the features of the application and explaining the problems facing users and the idea of ​​solving them through your application. The video delivers your message directly in a faster and less time.

Now that you know the advantages that mobile applications provide for your site or company, and as you have learned about the different types of mobile applications, you only have to design your mobile application and your business to ensure the provision of excellent service to your customers. Services are all professional.

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