Types of marketing content on social media platforms

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Nowadays, social media takes up a lot of our daily lives and many of us use Instagram in our daily life almost always, either for personal use to record the beautiful moments we are going through or commercial use as a means of helping us get our business further afield.

Instagram has 800 million interactive users per day, 8 million Business accounts are on Instagram, and 64% of users are between the ages of 18 and 34, and 80% of users have bought at least one product because of Instagram.
Instagram is therefore one of the most important tools that any marketer or employer who wishes to market or serve their product should rely on, so if you have your own business, it is easy to rely on yourself to promote and market your business and the services you provide.

So we offer you a range of tips that help you exploit Instagram to market your business:

1- Choose attractive and appropriate images:
The more great and quality the product images, the more attractive they are to your followers by showing them in a real scene.

2- Arousing the enthusiasm of followers:
So you can ask questions, ask followers, and choose the language your target audience speaks.

3- Use the hashtag #:
The link of the horse is not only to use hashtags to describe your photos or the nature of your company but also prefer to look for words that people are likely to look for and have a high demand on Instagram.

4- Sharing via other communication sites:
The Instagram app provides a unique and important task which is the possibility of linking your account to all social media sites such as “Facebook_Twitter_and other social media sites” so make sure you link it so that you can just post a product on the app, it will be automatically posted on the rest of your accounts on the rest of your social media sites, which will increase the prevalence of all your products.

5_ Use Iconsquar:
The site gives you special reports showing you the best time to publish based on your previous publications where it shows black circles and transparent gray circles.

6- Use appropriate effects:
Your use of the right filter affects the image and the size of its interaction.
7_ Choose the best time to publish:
Try to get to know when your audience is on Instagram so it’s easier for you to gain interaction with posts.

You can use smart stimuli such as setting up shows, competitions and prizes for those who interact with publications

9- Take advantage of influential people:
If you want to increase your Instagram followers, you should take advantage of influential people who have already done a serious and real job of building their own audience because they have experience-driven power and have a large fan base that they trust, their experiences and recommendations.

In conclusion, we would like to remind you to follow the smart style of your presentation so you will not disturb your page followers from these ads as the way you view publications in an interesting way is the simplest way to talk about your product without showing it rudely and annoyingly

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