What are the most important SEO-compliant website design standards?

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Designing SEO-compliant websites has become a basic need in our modern age, as websites have become like the commercial center in our real world, from which we can sell products directly to customers, make payments, provide endless services, and so on.

And when you build your site, you are actually marketing for yourself, for your company, for your products, and this is the main pillar for which you established the site.
But we always hear the word SEO or site publicity and improvement on search engines so that your website occupies the first results in search engines.
Therefore, you must take into account the terms of SEO in the design and programming of websites.

There is a joke that if you want to hide a body, the best place for it is the second page of Google search results, and measure that by yourself in the last 10 searches you have done on Google!
How many times did you get to the second page?!

This is the importance of your site appearing on the home page, so you have to work hard to be in the first search results called SERP, which is an abbreviation for Search Engine Result Page.

The efforts of websites in the SEO process will not guarantee that you will appear in the first search results, unless you pay attention to all the details and focus on all the factors that affect the ranking of the site, and its different pages in the search results targeted by potential customers.

In this article, we will tell you a number of the most important factors and conditions to be followed to improve your website:

Choosing a Quick Hosting Company:

Have you ever wondered about the concept of web hosting and what is the benefit of it?!
The process of choosing a web hosting company is a very important thing, so no matter how small or large your business is, you must choose the best hosting and web design companies for hosting that will help you succeed in your project.

What is web hosting?

It means uploading all files of your site to a server for hosting operations with high specifications, through which many users and visitors of your site can access it at the same time, which will lead to:

  1. Increase your profit rate, as the hosting service provides access to many customers on your site at the same time and at a high speed, which increases the quality of your site and results in an increase in profits
  2. Using a specialized web hosting company to help you manage your site all day long, which will increase the number of your customers
  3. Hosting services enable you to expand and increase your business in the future. Quality and relevance of the content
    The most influential factor in the success of any website’s SEO efforts is the quality and relevance of the content to what visitors to your site are searching for using the search words and terms used.
    The website content development process includes several steps:

• Main title/Page tittle
Where it must include the target search word that refers to the content of the page and must not exceed 65 characters in order for it to be fully visible to users of computers and mobile phones.
• page description
Where the page description appears in the search results, so it should be taken care of because it encourages users to increase the percentage of visiting the page on the number of impressions in the search results and should not exceed 165 characters.
• page link
The page link also appears in the search results and, like the title, contributes to creating a brief description of the page’s content through 4 or 5 words that include the target search word.
• Sub-headings
By dividing the page content into subheadings that include some but not all of the search keyword, this helps you to better understand the page content, index pages, and appear in the first results in search engines.

Compatibility with smart phone screens

When we talk about mobile compatibility for websites, we mean that the website design responds to all types and sizes of mobile screens, and this is one of the most important conditions for improving your website. The site itself, to provide the best possible user experience regardless of the type of device.

Therefore, the main goal of designing the site compatible with smartphones is to improve the user experience and enhance the performance of the site when browsing it with smaller and slower performance devices, which will encourage users to visit it instead of competing sites that provide a worse user experience.

The importance of mobile compatibility is not only to improve the user experience for visitors but also goes beyond it to affect your ranking on the search results page.
Where Google announced that it will rely on the mobile page evaluation of your website to determine its ranking on the search results page, so that if Google considers your website to be unsuitable for mobile browsing, your site’s ranking will definitely be affected and vice versa.

Use the right keywords

This is probably the most word we hear from SEO experts when you ask them how to reach new visitors to the website and the quick answer is: Use the right keywords!
key words:

It is a word or group of words that a person uses while searching on a search engine to reach the result he wants.
Let’s say, for example, that you want to learn to write content!
You go to Google and use certain different words in order to reach the result that will be an answer to the search process, and you can count more than 100 different words that you can use in the search, such as:
How do I learn to write content?
Online content writing courses.
Professional content writing.
Learn to write creative content.
In short, this is the most important point that you should pay attention to on your website, which is to know the keywords that your target audience is looking for and how you should formulate articles and topics and describe your products and content with what revolves around these words.
Now wondering how to find the keywords?!
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tools on the Internet that help you extract suitable keywords, but of course the distinguished in them does not exceed dozens, and the most important of these tools are

Google Keyword Planner and Google trends

Therefore, in brief, you must know what you want to write about by selecting the appropriate keywords for you and using the tools that will help you identify and know what people are searching for, the volume of monthly searches, and the correlation of words with each other.

Now you have a set of sufficient information to understand the most important criteria for designing websites that are compatible with SEO and the multiple benefits of optimizing your site to comply with the requirements of search engines, and you have to actually achieve this.
Finally, mobile compatibility and browsing technologies have become a mainstay in building your website, and after the dominance of mobile phones over Internet traffic, there is no longer room for debate and controversy regarding the importance of improving websites to be compatible with mobile.
So start today and create your opportunity with your own hands, compete and protect your share in the labor market, to reach a growing fan base and growing business.
Do not hesitate to contact us to respond to your inquiries and provide you with the appropriate service with the highest quality and the fastest time.

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