What are the types of brand?

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The types of trademarks vary according to their specialization. It is not possible for all trademarks to have one specialty, one goal, and one form. Rather, the most important thing that distinguishes them is their type, and makes them different from each other and easy to reach for their customers. What is the trademark? What is its importance and types?

trade mark:
It is the shape, name, symbol, word, and any distinctive element that expresses a specific service, product or commodity for different businesses, whether profit or non-profit, with the aim of gaining commercial awareness and repetition in front of customers and distinguishing them from other similar or different businesses.

What is the importance of the brand?
• Distinguishing between different businesses
• Get a clear business look
• Get symbols and emojis for brands
• Save time and effort on the customer in reaching the best brand

What are the most popular types of brands?
• Mark of manufacture:
It is the mark that the business owner puts on the products that he wants the customer to clearly and quickly distinguish from others, especially in large brands, and it may not be just a label, but perhaps a metal piece, accessories or packaging for the product or service.

• Service mark:
It is the mark used by the business owner to indicate the type of service and its source, and it is often specific to places that depend in providing their services on the presence of the public, such as banks, insurance, tourism and travel companies, restaurants and hotels, and they are completely concerned with the commercial address and logo through official papers, correspondence and staff clothes Or even transportation and other peculiarities and property of the place.

• Trade mark:
It is the mark that helps distinguish the products that the business owner sells after purchasing them, whether from wholesalers or producers, and that clearly expresses the commercial relationship from the source of sale, unlike the industrial mark that indicates the place of manufacture.

• Mark events:
It is the temporary mark of festivals and official or international celebrations, such as the National Day celebrations, the Olympic Games, or international events such as Tedx speakers platforms and others. It aims to introduce people to the event only, without specialized commercial benefits.

• Private Label:
They are the marks among retailers with a strong identity and these marks often refer to the higher quality or lower cost of a high quality product, also called store brand.

• Media branding:
These are logos and symbols that focus on the press side, whether newspapers, magazines, channels, and others, to ensure that they are known to the viewer and facilitate access. This type of brand has facilitated the development of media access through social networking sites in all its forms.

• Electronic Brand:
It is the brand that exists only on the Internet, and it specializes in electronic stores in particular because there are no real websites for them on the ground, whether they provide services or products, for example: (Google, Amazon, Ali Express) and others.
The company can have a real headquarters, but here we mean that its electronic reach is very high and large and depends on the Internet for its presence.

• Brand specific to the geographical location:
It is a brand that defines geographical locations to increase awareness, especially through different roads, which are used only in cases of attracting trade and economic investment, and on roads and public places, and specializes in its work for companies and businesses that expand their business scope to more than the local scale.

If you want to have your own brand, do not forget to preserve the property rights of others and search for a look of your own that distinguishes you only to ensure that you are distinguished in every other detail, contact us, we will give you your best marketing advice!

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