What is content marketing?

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Content.. Content.. We hear this word often, and we often see job applicants who call for their request that they want “content marketer, content writer, content editor or even content manager.” What is content? And what is content marketing? Let me tell you!
It is the way we express things in general, but in the world of digital marketing, it is the way we express the services, products and businesses that you work for, with the aim of increasing commercial awareness, increasing profits and selling to them, or building a brand in the market Clearly and wonderfully!

What are the types of marketing content?
First: Social Media Posts:
It is the most popular among the types of marketing content and the most widespread as well, due to the ease of using social networking sites to reach customers through publishing and sponsored ads and the use of these platforms as mobile e-stores.

Second: Website Content:
Websites are official interfaces for businesses in front of their customers or in front of other businesses, in which they identify themselves in an accurate and detailed manner and put all the points that you want to talk about from the story of the establishment of the company to display products and services and ways to benefit from them, and they are divided into several sections:
• Company Profile:
He is the one who owns the integrated data of the business without decreasing its entire private space, starting with the definition of the company, the vision, mission and goals, and ending with the features.
• Products / Services:
They are the pages that contain accurate and detailed written texts of the services and products offered by business owners, including all the necessary data.
• Blogs and Additional Pages:
These are the free pages in which businesses have the freedom to write whatever they want, so some businesses exploit them in writing specialized or general blogs to increase visits to the site or online store, or add policy and privacy pages, methods of use, terms and conditions, frequently asked questions and other official pages.

Third: Visual Content:
It is the content that has the value of attraction more than the written text content, which can be divided into several sections as follows:
• Pictures:
These are the static scenes that are placed on different platforms, whether they are real images, or infographic designs with different objectives according to the specialization of the business.
• Videos:
It is the most powerful elements of attraction for customers, which can be divided into several sections as follows,
Motion Graphics: These are video clips drawn through various design programs according to a special scenario and scenes that express a specific idea that the business owner wants.
Montage video:
They are the realistic videos of products, services or business premises and are recombined with neat scenes and clear scenarios.

Fourth: E-books:
It is a marketing material for large content that adds value to the target audience, and it is one of the most powerful types of content that helps you to explain in detail, especially in topics that require great explanations to save time and effort, and its only drawback is the large time that needs to be prepared and designed.

How can I market content?
Content marketing is a task that is not difficult, and it is not easy either, you do not need more than to be aware of your best audience through specialized studies to ensure that your content is appropriately formulated for them, and if you want the most important basics, let me tell you!
• Write as if you were the customer..Write as if you were going to read the text after asking yourself, what is the customer waiting for from me?
• Don’t exaggerate and don’t be rude, be close to your audience and kind in your language.
• Do not make anyone feel inferior, and remember that the right marketing can change the interests of the recipients and turn them into your permanent customers.

If you are looking for marketers specialized in the world of content, contact us, we are always ready and waiting for you!

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