What is the importance of e-commerce?

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The year 2020 was famous for changing the purchasing movement of the world and transferring it completely to mobile electronic stores via the Internet, where the lion’s share of the profits were for businesses that had previously prepared themselves for the world of e-commerce well by preparing their sites and applications for work, receiving customers and their inquiries and communicating with them, so what is e-commerce and what Is it important? How can businesses benefit from the different platforms in their business?

First: E-commerce:
It is the buying and selling operations that take place over the Internet, either through direct chatting or through registration and data entry on sites that provide services and products to customers via the electronic network without the need to visit the real store, which saves time and effort.

What is the importance of electronic commerce?
E-commerce is very important and great, let me tell you about it!

  • E-commerce contributes to reducing the expenses set for preparing decorations, paying store rents and other employee salaries, and thus benefiting from them in various other aspects, whether electronic processing or obtaining goods and net profits.
  • E-commerce contributes to finding a special control panel for the merchant to help him in recording, following up and exporting data, thus obtaining accurate statistics between different periods to measure performance.
  • Easily reach new customers through sponsored ads, which increases commercial awareness of your business and makes customers who have never tried your services try it now!
  • The possibility of using social media in promoting, advertising and communicating with customers, and customers getting different services such as delivery and packaging in easy and convenient ways that guarantee the right of the customer and the right of the business owner.
  • Saves time and effort, by making the business owner completely comfortable while customers browse his store or products on their own, and when making a purchase decision, they communicate with him directly.
    Save time and effort for customers instead of going to stores, where they can shop at any time they want.

What are e-commerce platforms?
First: social networking sites:
Especially Instagram, where the platform has the ability to transform into a small online store, followed by the Facebook and Twitter platform.

Second: e-commerce services
Some electronic services allow owners of electronic stores to set up their business through them, which makes it easy for them to access them at any time they want, such as WordPress, Wix, or Zedd basket platforms and others.

Is electronic commerce a real and effective alternative to traditional commerce?
of course not! Real stores are also required, but electronic commerce is a feature of the times, and the savior in crises and emergencies that the world may go through, as happened in 2020 with the world, where movement and movement were prevented, and stores remained on top of their work, meeting the needs of their customers, if your store was only real, how would you To communicate with your customers?
On the other hand, ads for real stores are never as effective as they are in the case of e-commerce, sponsored ads can reach a global scale, while local is only in the place!
In terms of presentation, don’t worry!
E-commerce can expand its specialization to the extent that you present products to your customers as if they were in front of them, so they can preview them exactly as they want and with greater comfort to make a purchase decision..
It can be said that electronic commerce facilitated human life, and worked to harness technology in his favor and service, making him take an integrated tour of the market, while he is only above his bed!

If you want to get your integrated online store and start catching up with the accelerating e-commerce that is full of adventure and profits, contact us, you will find our professional team waiting for you!

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