In the implementation of advertising campaigns we go through several stages:

  • Knowing the customer’s goal from the campaign (views, tracking, sales….etc), and according to the customer’s vision, we determine the means and mechanisms that will be followed.
    We define the goals that we seek to achieve through the advertising campaign.
  • Then we define the advertising campaign channels. Are they advertising campaigns on Google? Or on social networks?
  • We define the target groups of the advertising campaigns to direct the advertising discourse to them.
  • We draw up a strategic plan to implement the advertising campaign so that all the details of the advertising campaign are defined from start to finish.
  • We start implementing advertising campaigns, and we follow up on the campaigns track while they are on their way to the goals set for them.
  • Post campaign implementation phase. We monitor the results of the campaign, identify the most prominent strengths that were present in the campaign, weaknesses, and the most prominent recommendations for future campaigns, and provide them to our customers.